Our Commitment To Education Continues


Unfortunately, a very large donation which we got annually in the past – to fund our education project – seems to have fallen away. Hence, we have had to reduce our extensive web of educational assistance, which was always schooling and tertiary, in favour of focussing on getting our young people through school and attaining the prized and essential matric certificate. In spite of this slight disadvantage, we can proudly (and gratefully) say that, thanks to help from our various donors, we are still able, this year, to assist 20 children with schooling, of whom 11 are in high school and 9 in junior school. 3 of the high school boys are in matric. Our tertiary support has been cut, but one donor is assisting a Mercy House boy with completing his degree in law, while we are also assisting another young man with completing a diploma in chemical engineering in April at a local technical college.

We wish also to congratulate Zeng, our website designer: all on his own he researched and found what seems like a dream come true in his life. Zeng has already done 2 years training in multimedia, but wants to specialise in animation and produce animated stories for children on the Bible. He found exactly what he was looking for and even got a bursary to study animation for 3 years to obtain a university diploma in digital animation at the Animation School in Johannesburg. We wish him well and trust it will enable him to shape many young people’s lives in the future.

We extend our warm congratulations to Ivan and Dioscor who wrote their matric at the end of last year and both passed well – with a “bachelors pass,” meaning they are eligible for university training. Ivan would like to be a teacher and we are trying to get a learnership for him at a private school, which would enable him to be an assistant teacher, whilst studying through UNISA for a degree, by distance education, at night. Dioscor wishes to do a degree in supply chain management. Since funding is a problem, we have suggested that they try to get work, so that they can pay the fees, and do their degrees by distance learning. Finding a job is also not easy for those who have just left school, so prayers are needed.

The photographs below show two of our Phoenix College scholars:

Brielle, who is in grade 3 this year

Exorcee now in grade 8, proudly sporting his new school blazer