Yet Another Amazing Achievement

One day a young teenager from Sudan came to Mercy House asking for help. His name is Felix.   He had come down from that war-torn country and really had nothing. The first impression of him was his incredible optimism about life and his unforgettable smile!   He confidently told Diana that he wanted to be a doctor.  She laughed, never guessing what surprises the future would hold!

Felix moved into Mercy House and stayed with us for about 7 years.  During that time, he registered for a degree in Medical Research at Wits University. His total determination and belief that the impossible would become possible carried him resiliently all the way.  He also put in a lot of effort to get there.  He used to go and sell cleaning materials, even ice cream in the streets.  He used to study into the early hours of the morning to achieve his goal.  He also managed to get help from Sudanese Dr Emmanuel Taban, (who in turn had also been helped by Mercy House to get to his goal of now being a specialist gynaecologist), as well as other sources. Against all odds- Felix got there.


This January 2024, our Felix graduated with a doctorate in his field and is working at a research institute in Durban. Dr Felix Made your remarkable achievement has only been possible through your unquenchable determination to fulfil your dream.  You are amazing! Well done!