Dear friends

Well, what can we say! We never imagined in our lifetime, that we would have to cope with such a pandemic, but also that it is still raging fiercely. We are tired of masks and isolation, and cannot wait till things get back to normal. One answer, or perhaps the only answer, is: We are here!

Every time I am in conversation concerning the difficulties that our young refugees and others face, not to mention ourselves, I come to the conclusion and say: “Well, we are here.” Our Holy Father has so often pointed out that negativity does not belong to the Christian way of life. Let us be honest, of course we see problems way beyond our comprehension, but, we are here! Let us school ourselves to find and focus on the positives! Our God is the God of history. “As high as the heavens are above the earth, so far are my thoughts above your thoughts.” Let us join hands and know that He does all things well!

And so my friends, let our light shine, let us hold our heads high, knowing to whom we belong. This is our commission. Let us live with simplicity!

Diana Beamish 


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