Dear Friends

Despite the inconvenience, economic and social damage caused by Covid 19, we are still here, and, from a Mercy House point of view, we can say it has been a good year, thank God. We are deeply grateful for all our benefactors and supporters, as also for the beautiful young people whom God sends our way and many other blessings, which you can read about in this update.

When we last updated our website, international focus was on Covid 19, and now on the fourth wave, Omicron. In addition, recently it is on the scary consequences of climate change, e.g. the president of one of the Pacific Islands attended the international climate change conference online, standing up to his knees in water! The seawater is rising at such an alarming rate, that it will not be long before those islands are completely submerged and lost forever, with disastrous consequences for the inhabitants.

“From whom much has been given, much will be expected.” But those world leaders represent each one of us. Everyone needs to take these issues seriously and to see what we can personally do to help, even it is just to stop plastic bags, as Rwanda has done. The attached photo shows a rainbow, which recently appeared above Mercy House. It is a sign of the covenant and a reminder that God is with us. “The forward road is the road for you.”

 Diana Beamish 

Face-Lift For Mercy House
  It’s been 26 years since our Mercy work started. Not SURPRISING then, that a face-lift was necessary and we
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And Even A New Fridge!
To add to all the above upgrades, we also purchased a brand new fridge, with half deep freeze and half
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Early Spring Cleaning
It is our custom to have a ”Cleaning Day” once every few months. These days are always great fun and
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English For Refugees
English classes for new arrivals was started as long ago as 2012, at Bienvenu Shelter.  Soon, as numbers grew, it
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Danny Is Back
Danny was brought to us from the eastern DRC when he was only twelve years old. His whole family was
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Diogen Makes His Mark
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Milestones In Our Lives
On the 21st of November this year, Rafael and Brielle received their First Holy Communion at Bez Valley Catholic Church.
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Get To Know Our Robert
Robert fled from his home country, Burundi, at age 15 on 21 May, 1997.  His father had been killed in
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The Heroic Zama Family
A saint once said: “Be sure to make friends with the poor. “Jesus said: “Blessed are the poor in spirit…”
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Meet The New Member Of Our Mercy Family
  And last but not least, we are happy to announce the arrival of OZO, a Schnoodle puppy, only  2
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