Dear Friends

Since our late update, the Coronavirus has descended upon us and the whole world like an atomic cloud. Probably it has  done even more damage. Everyone has been affected and suffered the consequences in some or other way. But don’t forget, the grass fields are burnt to their roots in winter, and the world looks dark, yet take a closer look in Spring and see the beautiful green shoots sprouting up for new life. The trees which were barren are growing new green leaves proving that  new life does rise from the ashes. So too, if we start to observe positive outcomes, we will gain confidence that a better world should emerge from Covid hardship. Let us rise, in faith  and resiliently, in the belief that our God – our Father – holds each of us by the hand, and will lead us and form us according to His wisdom. May He share it with us.

Diana Beamish   

Lockdown At Mercy House
We, of Mercy House, did not only pray that we would be spared from the virus, but also implemented practical
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Lockdown Constraints And Positives
CONSTRAINTS When I was a student, we had a saying we used to joke about amongst one another: A student
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Great Support From SVDP
We thank Mr Peter Keshwar and his co-workers for their tremendous support. They not only give us donated food of
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… And Now For Some Good News! New Play Centre Roof
Those of us involved in the running and management of Mercy House have, for some time, been discussing the need
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Birthday Celebration For Our Leader, Eddie
      It was a whopper of a cake, really huge, a giant cake, if we could name it
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A True “Spring Cleaning”
Once we had replaced our play centre roof, we realised the need to repaint our house, outside and in. Two
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Farewell And Go Well
We have to admit it was a very sad moment when we had to say goodbye to a family we
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MH Now A Registered Charity
More good news is that earlier this year, we finally got registered as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) and Non-Profit
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Welcome To The New Residents
On 5 September we were able to welcome Mari Jean and her young daughter, Brielle. They are from Rwanda. Mari
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Get To Know Us: Meet Emily
Through the mediation of a refugee, Emily was introduced to us in the year 2012. We found her living on
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