About Us

We aim to help and above all heal young people who have missed out on the privilege of having parents and a home and hence whose lives and prospects for the future have been crippled by circumstances which they never choseā€¦

We believe that truly “love changes everything” and that by giving young people a home where they feel accepted and above all, loved, they can heal from the sorrows of the past, which they do not even, like to recall. ON a practical level, we first assist our young people to get their papers in order so that they are completely legal, then we try to put them through schooling or college so that they are able to stand on their own feet and make it in life. In the case of families we assist them a few years after arrival to be able to find a means of survival.

We rely completely on donations for our young people, of food, clothing and also of money for school or college fees and for the big killer: transport, to these places.

We have no paid staff, those of us who carry the work, having our own jobs, so that we can do the Mercy work on a voluntary basis. This creates a climate of love, because everyone who helps does so out of love and not for personal financial gain, although the personal gain is enormous in terms of joy in the knowledge that one is helping others very significantly and giving them a foothold in life: this is very exciting. Over the years we have also had young volunteers from Poland, USA, Italy, England, Ireland, England and Germany. There are countless other ordinary people in Johannesburg and overseas who take an interest in what we are doing and support us. Each finds their own particular way of doing so. Likewise, several churches have played a significant role in our history.

We do not have any set portfolios, simply because we believe firmly that every single person has something to give just by being what they are: each one has their own contacts, circle of friends and abilities. So when people want to help, we do not say “We want you to do this” but rather “Let us see how you can help.