Jacinto Gives Us A Wonderful Surprise!

On Sunday, 11 February, we had a wonderful surprise! Angolan, Jacinto, came to visit us. He had moved into Mercy House in the late nineties as a young boy and stayed with us for about ten years. At that time there was terrible insecurity and unrest in Angola, amounting to war. His mother wanted him to get him to safety and engaged an Angolan man to take

him to South Africa and care for him. The man brought him down, but did not honour the agreement. He left the young boy alone in Johannesburg without any place to stay. This was how he got to us.

We put Jacinto into school. He distinguished himself by bringing to Mercy House an unwanted puppy that was being thrown away – setting the precedent that also dogs are welcome! We called her Princess and she was hugely loved. She stayed with us until she died in old age. After he had left school, Jacinto decided to go back to Angola. There he married Teresa and both got jobs with an airline company in Angola. They now have three children.

We were extremely happy to see him, but even happier was Jacinto himself, to see old friends and to see how much Mercy House has developed since he was there. We were able to buy him a laptop, since they are extremely hard to get and hugely expensive in his home country. Go well, Jacinto. You will always remain part of the Mercy family. Thank you for coming.