Annual Mercy Family Reunion Day

On September 25
th 2023, we held what we hope will become an annual event: A Mercy Family Reunion Day. The idea is to bring together past and present residents for a relaxed celebration, a chance to meet, refresh friendships, foster community spirit and a sense of belonging, which is so important for us all, but especially for those who have no family or no family nearby. Obviously, it was held at Mercy House and we provided a braai for all.
  Those of us on the organising side, now have a saying: “Don’t forget the boerewors!” The reason for this is: Diana was really worried about the cost of getting so much meat for a large group.
By sheer “co-incidence”, Mr Godfrey Fortuin of SVdeP Honeydew, happened to phone to ask if we had any needs! Diana mentioned the upcoming braai and also extended an invitation. Godfrey could not come, but instead, on that very day, 20 kilograms of boerewors was delivered to Mercy House from his organisation. We were totally amazed – it felt like a modern experience of the miracle of the loaves and fishes! And it goes without saying that we had plenty of meat!!! Thank you, Mr Godfrey, you care so well for us and we appreciate that.