Praying Together

“The community that prays together, stays together!”

How important and binding it is for a community to pray together.  We are obliged to thank our merciful God for the truly amazing blessings we have received and also to pray, not only for our residents past and present, but also our benefactors, who indeed keep our work going in various different ways. Here we think of SVdeP in Victory Park and North Riding, Bruno in the USA, Victoria in the U K, the Holy Family Sisters, Deon and Cathy van Eeden, Peter Holding, and many others who God knows about and whom He will reward.  And so, we have our Holy Masses, the last one being on the 15th of December 2023. We were once again grateful to have our Comboni Father Efrem and our recent arrival from Columbia, Father Jalver to offer the Holy Mass for us.  It was as usual a beautiful occasion.  Thank you, Fathers, for coming.