AISJ Does It Again!

3 Cheers to Ms Heather Baatjies and the PTA of the American International School in Pretoria, for once again inviting us to their annual Fun Day.  The fun happened on Saturday, 3 February 2024 and fun it was!  The school spoilt us by sending 2 large busses to fetch us – just under 40 in all.  They also brought us back.  Whilst members of the AISJ community had to pay for their fun, our young people were allowed everything, including a delicious lunch, for free. The armband which they got as they walked in distinguished them for this privilege.  The Disney Land style activities were something that our young people would never otherwise be able to enjoy! There was face painting, different waterslides, swimming, soccer, a photo kiosk and even a man-made dam with a suspended chair on top.  Teachers volunteered one by one to sit in the suspended chair.  If a child could hit a target when they threw a ball, the teacher tumbled into the water. Even the principal participated in this and he tumbled down!   The pictures attached show some of the activities. Once again, a huge thank you to AISJ and especially to Heather, who worked hard and so efficiently, to get this off the ground for us.

May you be adequately rewarded.