English For Refugees

English classes for new arrivals was started as long ago as 2012, at Bienvenu Shelter.  Soon, as numbers grew, it was moved to the Catholic cathedral, where it came under the umbrella of Pastoral Care.  In April 2020, when Lockdown 5 was implemented, the sister-in-charge closed the project.   Now that the main threat of Covid 19 is significantly reduced, and new arrivals still need to learn the language to survive, we have restarted the programme, with very small numbers, at Mercy House and are proud to offer this service for free! Diana is teaching and Eddie translates, however, we also have some new orphans from Eastern DRC and Burundi, whom our Danny is teaching, as they are complete beginners and, coming from the same home area, Danny is able to translate into their home language, which helps. Classes will continue in December and resume after new year.