Early Spring Cleaning

Brillant painting our entrance gate

Emmanuel cleaning the kitchen

It is our custom to have a ”Cleaning Day” once every few months. These days are always great fun and remarkably community-building. Our early spring cleaning on 9 August proved to be just that. We always start with cleaning bedrooms and then everyone is given a specific task for cleaning the common areas. There was an almost overwhelming spirit of fun, joy, enthusiastic working together, music blaring into the bargain of course! Everyone seemed happy to do their specific job. Once again we were reminded that Mercy House has been greatly blessed with a group of really fine, excellent, fun-filled and responsible young people. The photos below show some of our residents busy doing their thing. The crowning glory, of course, was sitting together at the end of our work, to enjoy a pizza lunch together. As someone said: It was the best cleaning day we have ever had.

Shadadi cleaning play centre chairs