Danny Is Back

Danny was brought to us from the eastern DRC when he was only twelve years old. His whole family was killed by rebel soldiers one night, but Danny survived having hidden under his bed. He fled to his aunt, but found soldiers already there and saw them beat his uncle to death. The aunt fled to South Africa, where she got into a women’s shelter, and we took Danny in. Soon, the aunt moved her family to Zimbabwe, hoping for resettlement to Canada, but it never happened and Danny came back. 

It is a great joy to have Danny with us again. He has been proactive in helping in every way he can possibly think of, e.g. repainting walls, etc., in line with our renovations, and in helping other newcomers to learn English. He loves music and is teaching himself guitar and keyboard online with great success. Thanks also to Michael Kaplan, a music teacher, who is assisting him.  

Many people emerge with bitterness having had experiences like our brave Danny. But he is remarkable, He has emerged as a very strong character and carries no bitterness. He spreads a joyful and fun-filled atmosphere in our house community. The photos show him when he first came to us on the day of his First Communion and now, with his beloved guitar!