New Hope For Esperance

In late July we were able to give Esperance new hope (which of course is the meaning of her name!).  We had been able to obtain a donation for her to start a small business, which she plans to call: Safari Foods. She has high hopes, but for now, started modestly, as seen in the photo, renting half a tin shanty structure.  She sells dry food there and any second-hand clothing we can get. We were also able to get her a deep freeze and she takes orders from there for fresh meat, which she supplies.


Life has looked up for Esperance at last.  She was only 18 when soldiers killed her parents in the on-going violence in Burundi.  She and her brother were being forced into the army, which they refused. They had no option but to flee and had to abandon their studies at university – her brother doing third year medicine and she was in first year. 

Esperance ended up in Cape Town where she did waitressing and amazingly managed to save enough money to do a degree at the University of the Western Cape in Social Science. This got her a job at the SOS Children’s Village in Cape Town.  Due to certain unhappy circumstances she had to leave Cape Town and came to Johannesburg. Once here she found it extremely difficult to survive and did not even have enough money to pay her rent, let alone support her only child.  This went on for some time…

 It was then that Esperance found her way to Mercy House, where we tried to find ways to help. She was overjoyed on hearing the good news in July that we had found funding for her to start a small business and texted: “I am so happy that I am laughing!” Well, it is a wonderful experience to bring a smile to the faces of people who are really desperately in need.  We thank the kind gentleman who provided her with the funding to get onto her feet. So far, her little business is doing well and we wish her everything of the best. May Safari Foods prosper and grow!