Get To Know Us: Meet Steven Wanyoike

(from left to right) Diana, Father Jeremias, and Steven

We are happy to introduce our readers to our Kenyan co-worker, Steven Wanyoike. Diana met him at a retreat weekend in 2016, and, in the course of the conversation, told him about Mercy House. Being a Central African himself, he was very interested and expressed the wish to help. That was a gift that fell straight out of heaven! Steven has been managing a Kenyan company in South Africa. He has used his business skills to help our high school students with accounting, business studies and economics for several years. He dedicates every Saturday and Sunday morning to this service and it is a great help to our young people. His advice in other fields has also been invaluable. What is also very important is the father-figure role he fulfils with our young boys who do not have this stabilizing foundation in their lives. Sadly, Steven’s company is closing down and he will be leaving the country towards the end of this year. A huge loss to us, but we are grateful to have had him with us for these past few years. In the photo he is seen with Diana and Father Jeremias, former Comboni Provincial and a great supporter of Mercy House. Thank you and go well, Steven!