We Are Helping Someone Else As Well


Her name is Diana Comacho – see photo. Her parents fled from the Frelimo war in Mozambique. She was born in South Africa. Sadly, her parents died when she was very young and she and three siblings were left alone with no relatives here to care for them. So, her brave older sister, a teenager at the time, had to do the parenting, no easy job when you have no income. The parents had both worked, but the children were left penniless. We found them, about 7 years ago, living on a stoep at the back of a house in Troyeville, really struggling.   

Diana completed her schooling at Jules High last year. Although it is extremely difficult for school-leavers to get work these days, she managed to find a menial job. Unfortunately, the so-called employers never paid her, so she left and is in need of some training. Mercy House considers it an honour, as usual, to be able to help: we are sponsoring her for a Beauty Course at a skills centre run by Bienvenue – a shelter for refugee women and children near Mercy House. We wish Diana well and hope that our efforts to help her will enable her to become self-employed.