A New Beginning For Fleury

(from left to right) Fleury, Geetendra, and Shanelle

In our last update, we related our young Burundian Fleury’s sad history.  But the story did not end with those tragedies. First of all, he found a home in Mercy House, but now a beautiful new beginning has happened in his life. Shanelle Beharie, one of our co-workers, and her husband, Geetendra, decided that they would like to take him to live with them permanently as part of their family. It all happened earlier this year. At our 25th birthday celebration, Shanelle expressed her joy, saying she sees why God has not blessed them with children until now – that this was God’s way of getting her to “adopt” Fleury. He moved schools and is now in grade 11, and they live only a few houses away from Mercy House.  So, the story has had a happy ending for all. Thank you Shanelle and Geetendra. You see how God has blessed you after all! See photo of the three.