Amazing Miracle In Ivan’s Life

In our last update, we mentioned that two of our school boys had just written their matric, and that Ivan desperately wanted to be a teacher. The problem was how to finance a four-year degree in education, by no means a small challenge – so it seemed like mission impossible.

We advised Ivan to try to get work
and save to do the degree of his dreams later on.  However, at the beginning of this year, we approached Holy Family College, an excellent private Catholic school, to ask if there would be any chance of him getting a learnership at their school. To our great astonishment, he was very well received.  The school principal, Mr Frank Sobreira, accepted him as a learner teacher and the school will pay for his entire degree, even gives him a small allowance for transport etc. It is remarkable.  

Ivan started his job in January this year and has already started a Care group at the school. On the 18th of June, he brought the group to visit Mercy House and meet some of our scholars and students.  It was an extremely joyful occasion, as the photo shows. They also brought foodstuffs with them. We thank Ivan and his students for giving us this joy.  

Ivan has already been greatly praised by the principal for his excellence in everything he does. He deserves what he has got and we wish him every blessing in following his dream career, and of course, the school will benefit from having him.  A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to the principal, Mr Frank Sobreira, who facilitated this amazing miracle! The blessing will return a hundredfold!