The Visit Of The American International School

On Tuesday, 26th April, six of our Mercy House scholars visited the American International School (AISJ) in Pretoria, which, as usual, they enjoyed very much. But the real highlight and fun was on the following day, when a large number of the AISJ pupils, with several of their teachers, visited us in Bez Valley. Many of our scholars attended this event. It is a wonderful exchange for both parties, each having so much to share and enrich the other. Most of the scholars at AISJ are diplomats’ children, so live very different lives from our refugee children, who have truly heart-rending stories to tell, if they are able! Our visitors came laden with loads of bags of second-hand clothing and tasty goodies for refreshments. Great fun was had playing games of different sorts. The photos reflect the spirit of the day.

(left) Nozizwe

We thank AISJ very sincerely for their tremendous support of Mercy House, also for the fact that they sponsor two of our children at school. Special thanks also to Nozizwe, our co-worker, who works there and arranges all these special events. What a blessing!