Thank You Holy Family College

Ravienco Manga

We thank Mr Frank Sobreira, principal, and management of Holy Family College, for their encouraging support of our Mercy work. This college provides an excellent academic education, but also emphasizes values – so much needed in education today. But it is expensive! Mercy House could never afford such fees. Mr Sobreira came to the rescue. Having met our Mercy House boy, Ravienco Manga, who was head boy of his primary school last year and achieved excellent marks, Mr Sobreira decided to give him a bursary, meaning, a significantly reduced fee. Our boy was so excited, having set his heart on going to that beautiful college.


Mercy House, together with the American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ), made up the difference in fees, AISJ coming to the rescue once again! Thank you, Mr Sobreira, thank you AISJ and everything of the best to our Ravienco, whom we know, will not let us down.


(from left to right) Robert, Ravienco, Emmanuel and Paige at Mercy House

The photos below show Ravienco in his school uniform, and another with his father, Robert (who lived at Mercy House long ago when he himself was in school!) and Paige and Emmanuel from AISJ. And thanks to our God who really does breakthrough and achieve the impossible again and again!