Congratulations To Our Festus


Festus came to Mercy House in April 2008. Not long afterwards his fiancee arrived. They got married and now have 2 adorable little boys.

When Festus told us about 6 years ago that he wanted to study nursing, it seemed a mad idea, given the fact it would mean 5 years study, whilst he had a family to support. But Festus has the character not to give up and forged ahead, proving that even under the most difficult circumstances, dreams really can come true. In February 2020, he got the news that he has passed his final exam and now, after 5 years of perseverance, he is a registered Netcare Nurse. He was immediately employed at Netcare Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg, where he did his training. We are proud to say that this brings to 3, the number of young refugees whom we have been able to assist with training at Netcare and who are now working as fully qualified nurses in Netcare Hospitals around Johannesburg.

Congratulation and well done, Festus. Mercy House is proud of you. Do not forget all those whose support (financially and otherwise) got you this far, and all we ask is: please be an excellent and dedicated nurse.