Dear Friends


Since our last update, the truly unbelievable has happened. Russia has invaded Ukraine flattening towns and cities, leaving innocent, good people with no homes, living in basements of public buildings, which then also get bombed, without water or electricity or food. These are just a few of the horrors of war, not to mention the many soldiers forced to fight who have lost limbs, all contact with family, captives being brutally and insanely tortured, and so on. None of us ever imagined that we would see anything like this. To make it worse, the army consists mainly of young people who were conscripted against their will and never wished to be part of anything like this. It is a time when the power of evil is exceedingly manifest and we cannot deny that. We also cannot bury our heads in the sand. We have to admit that, in fact, we are not “Smart Alecs” and really do not have the answers. But we have been given the gift of faith and this should always be our only answer. At times we just have to submit our understanding and continue to believe in the power of our Father in Heaven to overcome evil. Tracing the enormous blessings we have received, reinforces our faith and the need, and our mission becomes all the more clear: each of us has the obligation to build a better world wherever we are and not give in to pessimism, but believe in the presence and power of our God. 

A modern visionary was told: “Prayer can stop a war.” 

Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy on the people of Ukraine. Keep praying everyone, please…. 


Diana Beamish


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