Meet Our New Arrival

Diogen moved into Mercy House on the 8th of June. He comes from northern DRC. His mother and father were both teachers and he taught as well. A few years back Mai Mai rebels invaded their area, killing his mother. He and his sister lived on with their father. Early this year the rebels returned. This time they were about to rape his young sister when his father ran to defend her. They then brutally killed him and burnt his body. Then, after raping his sister they killed her as well. Diogen managed to escape and made his way to South Africa, having to sell his clothing on the way, to get money for food. At the border, he was arrested for having no papers and had to spend a whole month in jail until a court ruled that he should be taken to Home Affairs and get a permit. What a journey!

Our newcomer Diogen

We are proud and happy to have the privilege of assisting him. Diogen is really happy at Mercy House where he got a warm welcome and he is now learning English. He remarked: “I was grieved at having lost my whole family, but God has given me another one…” So to all our supporters: see how you are helping humanity in the person of this grieved young man, and given him hope. My he and you be richly blessed.