Get To Know Us: Meet Sister Clementine And Innocentia Mdaka

Innocentia Mdaka is another of our Mercy House icons. She got to know about Mercy House on reading the Comboni Worldwide magazine in late October 2014. She asked the then provincial, Father Jeremias, how she could help. He referred her to Mercy House and since then we never looked back. Innocentia has come since 2014 to give extra lessons in Afrikaans and Zulu to our scholars, as a voluntary service, on Saturday morning, ever since then. Her humble devotion is an example to us all, while her service is invaluable. We are grateful to Innocentia and God for this blessing. Innocentia is also one of our Mercy House trustees.

Sister Clementine and Ms. Innocentia

Sister Clementine is a Holy Family Sister who got to know about Mercy House in the year 2012. She is from Lesotho, where she had her schooling with the Holy Family Sisters and subsequently joined them. Her first assignment as a sister was to work in Rwanda from 2003 to 2005. Here she learnt a great deal also about the Genocide and got to love the place and the people. So, when she heard about our work to help refugees at Mercy House, she knew that that was just the right place where she wanted to give some help. She is fluent in the Rwandese language and is greatly liked by our residents. She has been a very faithful supporter and helped in so many ways. We greatly appreciate her support and participation. She is seen in the photo with Innocentia, our Saturday morning teacher.