Mercy House for me

“I rejopiced when I heard them say, let us go to God’s house. and now our feet are standing with your gates.”

Today, Residents of Mercy House decided to share what Mercy House has done for them and what they have done for mercy house.
1st Resident
I really rejoice when I heard that Teacher Diana was going to give a chance to see my orphaned nephew again. Thank you Mercy house for accommodating me and Moise my nephew, who arrived here at Mercy house on the 15 March 2009. We are happy to be here at mercy house
I am trying to building a happy family. As a committee member if leaders are not at home I usually help people to get what they want in garage (Mercy house storeroom) because I have got keys.
If you are looking at my behaviour,  I never fight with anyone and I don’t hate anyone. I can say that I am happy to be here

2nd Resident
Mercy house is a family to me, where I find a new breath of life, where I can try to rebuild life and forget about my sad past. Mercy house has done so many things to me, for example the welcome that I have received, free accommodation, good care and protection and education.
I always do my duties with love and properly. Mercy house is my first subject of prayer. I fix toilet, lights and tapes. I do monthly cleaning of dog bed.
May God bless the management of Mercy house.
3rd Resident
Mercy house has done a lot for me, if I were to say in details, it will take days and nights. I am about to graduate as an engineer,  all blessings from mercy house. Mercy house made me forget about the past and focus on the future.  I will always be thankful. I try to make mercy house a beautiful place for God. A place, where everyone feels welcome.

Even sometime I fail to accomplish my mission unintentionally, but always ask God to give me strength and courage in order for me to fulfil what I have to do. To be an example among others a good one.