Dear Friends

It is with great gratitude that we once again provide our readers with an update on all the blessings that Mercy House has received during the past 6 months.  So many, that sometimes we are simply amazed. This, against the background of the very disturbing wars and the accompanying gruesome brutality and inhumanity from man to man in our times, which can only cause us to question and feel greatly grieved and helpless.  We are so grateful that we are in a position to count our blessings, yet not however with blinkers on our eyes. A wise mentor of our time commented that life is like a stage, and the two players are the powers of good and evil.  Sometimes the evil seems uncontrollable and dominant. And we can get so discouraged! But as St Paul says: “We are looking through a glass darkly.” We cannot answer the puzzlement of the seeming dominance of evil, we cannot fathom the workings of supernatural forces beyond our comprehension, but we can cling to our faith. And this is certainly reinforced by the blessings listed in our update and so many more. We thank our Father God for all that He has done and is doing through our Mercy work and feel privileged to be his instruments.  Be the dream you long for!

Diana Beamish


2 New Dog Kennels
On Monday 16 Nov 2 new dog kennels were donated to us for our beloved dogs, Princess and Lady who
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Mercy House for me
“I rejopiced when I heard them say, let us go to God’s house. and now our feet are standing with
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Latest Acheivements
New office and guest room The room will be used to house occassional visitors at Mercy house. We, at Mercy
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From 1994 to 2009
The Story of Mercy HouseFrom 1994 To 2009 Historical BackgroundAt the beginning of Lent 1992, Diana Beamish went to the
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