Dear Friends

Since our late update, the Coronavirus has descended upon us and the whole world like an atomic cloud. Probably it has  done even more damage. Everyone has been affected and suffered the consequences in some or other way. But don’t forget, the grass fields are burnt to their roots in winter, and the world looks dark, yet take a closer look in Spring and see the beautiful green shoots sprouting up for new life. The trees which were barren are growing new green leaves proving that  new life does rise from the ashes. So too, if we start to observe positive outcomes, we will gain confidence that a better world should emerge from Covid hardship. Let us rise, in faith  and resiliently, in the belief that our God – our Father – holds each of us by the hand, and will lead us and form us according to His wisdom. May He share it with us.

Diana Beamish   

Our New office Blessing
On Sun 29 November, Father Joseph Sandri, Provincial of the Combonis Missionaries, blessed our new extension. It was fitting indeed
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2 New Dog Kennels
On Monday 16 Nov 2 new dog kennels were donated to us for our beloved dogs, Princess and Lady who
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Mercy House for me
“I rejopiced when I heard them say, let us go to God’s house. and now our feet are standing with
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Latest Acheivements
New office and guest room The room will be used to house occassional visitors at Mercy house. We, at Mercy
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From 1994 to 2009
The Story of Mercy HouseFrom 1994 To 2009 Historical BackgroundAt the beginning of Lent 1992, Diana Beamish went to the
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