Monday, 21st March, was a meaningful day for us. We have not had Holy Mass since Lockdown started in March 2020! That is two years – and we missed it! Our Holy Masses are always beautiful and special since we as a community are united in prayer. We were blessed to have, not just one, but 4 members of the Comboni community with us – to our surprise: Fathers Jude and Efrahim, who concelebrated, as well as Brothers Paulo and Francis. Luis and Paula Coutinho assisted with the music. Sister Clementine and her fellow sister were also there. All of these can be seen in the accompanying photo. Refreshments were served afterwards. The Holy Spirit was with us, manifest in the beauty and joy which enveloped the occasion. Thanks to all who contributed to making it such a special occasion. Now that we are more-or-less back to “normal” we look forward to a renewed returning to our Holy Masses which we usually have three or four times a year.