In mid-May, after serving as Mercy House leader for several years, our Eddie Dunia decided to hand over the leadership to persons of the younger generation. He will remain with us and serve on our house committee, but in a slightly different capacity. As it is quite a big task, we decided to have two leaders. Dieulv Zeng and Emmanuel Masengo will now be co-leaders. They took on the challenge with great zeal and enthusiasm, and have so far been doing wonders. We are extremely grateful to have such fine young people in charge of our house.

Emmanuel’s passion is photography and he has put a huge amount of dedication into achieving his goal of excellence. We have been able to assist him with a first-class camera for his work. He works free-lance, doing photographs and videos for weddings and any special events. He also gets short-term work from different videography companies, all being valuable experiences on his journey to perfection.

Zeng is in a similar field, and his skills are vast. He does our website, any graphic work that we require, he is helping with the republishing of our book, Tracing the Divine, he helped with the flyer for John’s catering business, to mention just a few of his skills. In addition, he is a computer boffin, and still manages to be doing a 3-year diploma in Digital Animation at an excellent animation school.

Putting all our Mercy House skills together, a picture emerges of talents that weave a beautiful mosaic of our interesting life at Mercy House! We thank God for this….