Milestones In Our Lives

On the 21st of November this year, Rafael and Brielle received their First Holy Communion at Bez Valley Catholic Church. They will not forget this beautiful day, nor will we. 

Festus, known as Papa Rafael, came to us from Rwanda as long ago as 2008. His stay with us extended to 2020. During this time, after 4 years of hard study, he qualified as a fully registered Netcare nurse and married his beautiful wife, Mari Bernard. They now have two quite angelic little boys, one being our communicant, Rafael. Mama Brielle, also known as Mari-Jean, from Rwanda, found herself in an extremely difficult situation in mid-2020, and we were able to accommodate her and her daughter, Brielle.

On the First Communion day, Festus and Mari Bernard, having now moved into their own flat, hosted a beautiful and extremely joyful celebration, with many Rwandese refugees present to share the joy. The photo shows Festus’ family on the left, Mari Jean with her daughter, Brielle, on the right, and in the middle are our volunteer couple from the USA, Paige and Emmanuel.   A great day was had by all. We thank God for all these blessings.