Make Mercy House Beautiful Day

22 March was a public holiday – Human Rights Day. We called it “Make Mercy House Beautiful Day,” not without good reason. What a beautiful day we had as a community! It was beautiful, not just for cleaning up the house, and creating a lovely garden outside our office in the place of the Yukka we had to remove. Far more important, was the beautiful spirit which could be tangibly perceived all day. An atmosphere of togetherness, fun and joy pervaded. There was a strong sense of teamwork. All our residents, except for a few who had to go to work, joined in, each being allocated a specific task. Divan, Emmanuel, Brielle and Muzi, worked setting out our new garden. Kyle, David, James and the ladies gave a thorough cleaning in the kitchen. Brilliant and Riccardo repainted our two benches and so on. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy their task. We ended it all mid-afternoon, with pizzas and cold drink. It is truly amazing what working together for a common goal can do for community-building. Thanks to all who participated with such love and goodwill. We do indeed have a wonderful Mercy House community. We thank God for that.