Farewell To Our Douglas

Douglas came to Mercy House on 23 April 2019, to avoid political harassment and like problems in his home country. We did not realize what a great blessing was landing in our laps that day! Douglas is one of those human beings who says little, but whose shining example speaks volumes – actions and attitude speak louder than words – and this has indeed been the case with Douglas in our Mercy House community.

It was only a short while after he arrived in the country, that he was offered a job helping in a small business in town. He worked long hours, 6 days a week, never complaining, and was always so cheerful, welcoming visitors to Mercy House and helping others, including cooking. And when he did cook, he always shared his meal. He was not only always cheerful, but also remarkably humble.

On Saturday 6 March 2021 Douglas got married to a childhood sweetheart. He had gone back to his home country for this great event. The photographs show what a beautiful and joyful occasion that was.
We are immensely grateful for the 2 years that Douglas spent with us and will miss him very much. He left a gap behind! But his example will live on in our minds. Go well dear Douglas. May God reward your goodness which shines out like a light in a dark world. We know that you will continue to keep that light burning…