Bye-Bye Lady Jucca

It is always sad to say goodbye to residents who, for one or other reason, leave. But this was also the case with our huge yucca plant, seen in the photo, gracing the entrance to our office. Our yucca started small! It was picked up as one only short stem of about 10 cm long on a heap of plant garbage by Diana many years ago. She liked it and took it home to put into a small pot. In no time it grew, and continued to grow fast. After a few years, this little pot plant not only had a few babies, but also reached the ceiling, so she brought it to Mercy House and we planted it outside the office. This was at the time we built our office, namely in 2009.

It did not take long for this lady to have many, many offspring! Soon there were many large yucca stems, even towering above the office roof, which often had to be trimmed or cut down. They had beautiful white flowers. We then decided to transplant some of these new stems to beside our play centre. As the picture shows, they too soon grew enormous and multiplied abundantly. The day came when we realized that the yucca outside our office was becoming so enormous that its roots began to interfere with the building. Regrettably, we had to admit that we would have to remove it, rather than rebuild office walls!

In early March this year, the sad day came when we had to do this. Even the roots had to be removed to avoid further complications. Now we have placed a bench and created a lawn and flower garden outside our office in memory of our mighty yucca, as the photo shows. It, too, will become beautiful. We are happy to say, however, that we had planted some of the off-shoots beside our play centre. They, too, are multiplying at an amazing pace. But we will not forget our Lady Yucca. May she rest in peace!