Welcome To The New Residents

Mari Jean and her daughter, Brielle

On 5 September we were able to welcome Mari Jean and her young daughter, Brielle. They are from Rwanda. Mari Jean lost her parents and relatives during the genocide. It was at the English for Refugee classes that she met Diana and they kept in touch ever since. Sadly during Lockdown she was unable to pursue her only source of income – selling goods on the street – and hence was left without any means of survival. We were glad that we could help. 


James Jusuf

Our other new resident moved in during October. His name is James Jusuf and he comes from the Eastern DRC, till this day, a very troubled area with several armies fighting and grabbing young men as recruits for their armies. We wish all 3 new residents the joy of finding a secure, safe and happy home at Mercy House and thank God for the privilege of being able to help them.