Lockdown Constraints And Positives


When I was a student, we had a saying we used to joke about amongst one another:

A student sends a message to his dad (and funder):  

“Dear dad, no mon, no fun, your son!”

Dad replies:

“So sad, too bad, your dad!”

The 8 months or more of  Lockdown has, of necessity, been somewhat “no fun”- a bit flat and uneventful as regards our vibrant Mercy Family life! So much of the fun we have had in the past has been dampened, because of precautionary regulations like social distancing etc. 

Not only have we missed our Sunday services at church, but we have not been able to have any of our usual Holy Masses in our play centre with our Comboni Fathers, all year! “So sad, too bad…“     

Likewise, we missed our normal celebration of birthdays with a weekend lunch, though we did manage to celebrate the birthday of our leader, Eddie. 

Easter Sunday was another big disappointment. Not only could we not attend the beautiful Holy Week services, but we also could not have the large gathering of our extended Mercy family for lunch and the catching of Easter eggs, which usually rain down from the skies for the little and big children. Looking ahead, at the time of publishing this update, we do not even know whether we will be able to have our large Christmas celebration on 25 December. If not, we will certainly have to find some way to give joy on that day, we shall see, we shall find a way…



Despite all the constraints mentioned above, perhaps we have got to appreciate the people and many gifts we have taken for granted in our daily lives. We are born into community, so the isolation may have made us value our relationships, our family and friends more. We may value our church services more, the celebration of its feast days, which bring us together and give us joy. Perhaps our scholars may value their schooling more. We may value our work more – during this time our Colby managed to get a job with a UK company, working online! Our faith really has been tested, but our God does have his ways of educating us, let us give him the benefit of doubt! “As high as the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways above your ways,” as the Scriptures say! (Isaiah 55:9)