Lockdown At Mercy House

We, of Mercy House, did not only pray that we would be spared from the virus, but also implemented practical measures to protect ourselves and to help our refugees who suffered severely from the devastating effects of Lockdown.


  • In the first place, we put up sanitisers on our property and made sure that everyone had masks, mostly made and donated by Papa Zeng, father of our website designer.  
  • During Lockdown 5, we were not even allowed out of our own property. A tough time!
  • Once Lockdown 4 was introduced we allowed those students whom we assist with studies, who live out, to sit in our driveway and use our internet (which they depend on) from there. During Lockdown 5, 4 and 3 no one was allowed beyond the driveway, into our garden and house.
  • We managed to provide two of the live-out students with their own laptops, so that they were able to study online at home.
  • We spent a lot of money on data and gave the vouchers to the live-out students, so that they could work online at home on their laptops, tablets or cell phones.
  • We bought a large number of food vouchers at our local Pick n Pay store, and distributed these to our live-out refugees, who did not have money for food, since their only income is sitting on the street selling second-hand clothing or vegetables, which they were not allowed to do during Lockdown. Devastating, when a family loses its source of income…
  • We assisted as many as 15 live-out refugees with rent for several months.
  • All in all, we have spent around R70 000.00 or more on the Lockdown Aid, and this is continuing. For this we thank those who especially donated money for Covid relief, Dr Emmanuel Taban, Dr Martin Kalenga, Paige Clark – who raised money from the American International School, The Coutts-Trotters and others. Your money has been really well-spent. We know the African saying: “I am because you are,” but we can truly say: “We are because you are!” Thank you.
  • Lastly of course, we thank our Father God, who answered our prayers and has so far spared all at Mercy House and, as far as we know, all who in some or other way, belong to our Mercy Family world-wide, from the virus. May He continue to keep his protecting wall of fire around us all. Thank you, Father.