… And Now For Some Good News! New Play Centre Roof

Steven giving instructions to his team

Those of us involved in the running and management of Mercy House have, for some time, been discussing the need to replace the leaking play centre roof. It was difficult to know where to start, since none of us are involved in construction. Completely by chance, one day in late August Diana met a man by the name of Steven Smit. He mentioned that he is involved in construction. By coincidence, on that very day, we had arranged a meeting to pool ideas about replacing the roof.


Having heard of Steven’s field of expertise, Diana asked his advice – what material to use etc. Even though he was a complete stranger, Steven magnanimously offered to go to Mercy House and measure up and see how he could help. Too good to be true, but it was true! So nice to know that the world is also filled with really good human beings!

Masengo and Eddie on the job


On Saturday 5 September, it all happened. Steven had gone to great trouble to get the required material, which was very difficult due to lockdown, and came as early as 7.00 a.m. with a team of his workmen to direct the whole operation, which was completed in just one day.


Eddie enjoying being a builder

Our Colby who worked extremely hard on the job and enjoyed it!

All who were at home on that day joined in the work, which turned out to be real fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. The result looks so good, as the photos show. We thank Steven, who is no longer a stranger, but a friend, for his magnanimous contribution to our Mercy work. The roof will always be a reminder of his kindness. And of course, we also cannot fail to see how God provides – exactly when we need it!

Check the finished product