Get To Know Us: Meet Emily

Emily with her little baby girl

Through the mediation of a refugee, Emily was introduced to us in the year 2012. We found her living on the back stoep of a house in Troyeville caring for a family of 6. Her parents were from Mozambique where Emily was born and they brought her here as a toddler, when they fled from the Frelimo war in their country. Both parents had died shortly before we had met her and she, being the eldest, was left to care alone for the family. We immediately tried to help with rent and food, but more importantly, to get legal papers, since the parents had died without registering her. To this day we are still battling with this, which is like trying to climb an inaccessible mountain cliff, and never getting to the top.


Emily is nevertheless unbelievably resilient and strong, with no bitterness at all concerning the difficult situation she finds herself in, without her own making. We admire this young woman immensely. She is seen in the photo below, not with her siblings, but with the three lovely children she now has. Pray for her, that she has the courage not to lose heart, but to struggle on bravely, since living without documents is like living with your hands and feet chained. Emily’s courage and belief in life are a model for us all.

Emily with her three lovely children