Welcome Paige


On Sunday, 1 September,  we were able to welcome three young Americans  to Mercy House. Paige Clark was accompanied by her husband, Emmanuel, and Tiwana.  Paige has just taken up a post as Student Counsellor at the American International School and Tiwana is their new Service Learning Co-ordinator.  They arrived in South Africa in early August this year, Paige and Emmanuel coming directly from the USA and Tiwana from an English teaching stint in China.  They are very enthusiastic about helping at Mercy House in whatever way they can. We already planned that our Mercy House young people will attend a Fun Day at their school on Saturday 5 October. They will even fetch them and bring them home!   We put up posters to welcome Paige.
In the accompanying photo she is seen receiving one such poster, which touched her deeply. We thank God for this unexpected gift and look forward very much to working with them to enable our Mercy work shine and shine ever more brightly. Welcome Paige, Emmanuel  and Tiwana!