Mercy House has been sending our children to Phoenix College in Johannesburg for many years, which prompted a bit of research into the title. The Phoenix was a bird in the Egyptian mythology that was said to live for 500 years in the deserts of the region. It then is said to have set fire to itself, after which it rose to a new life – hence the saying that “the phoenix rises from the ashes.” Perhaps we can apply that to our modern world, which according to a holy man of our time, is described as “unhinged.” We need to see our time in the whole context of history. And as Christians may not allow anything to damper our hope. It’s God’s world after all…

We have a similar experience at Mercy House. We get young people coming to us with the saddest background, often really bewildered and having lost hope. It belongs to our calling, through love, support and a stable community life, to enable them to become strong and rise. And they do. I am always astonished at the lack of bitterness in the saddest of cases. It is our privilege to help these young people, whose lives have been turned upside down, due to human greed and war, to get onto their feet and have hope for the future. Thank you for helping.

Diana Beamish

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