As the content of this update shows, we have continued to receive amazing blessings over the past few months, some coming in strange disguises. We have also experienced nothing short of an amazing miracle, in regard to our Moise, who survived a most brutal attack on Christmas day. Let us not be people who “see but do not see,” but rather, people who see, perceive and appreciate the amazing works of God in our lives and in our Mercy work. In Springs of Carmel 2020 (pg 109), we read that our lives are “programmed for holiness” and that “we need to learn and adopt the etiquette of God“. This puts a very different perspective on everything. The Lord works marvels for us, holy is his name. 

Diana Beamish   

Celebrating Our 25th Birthday
On Friday 9th August we celebrated our 25th birthday in a very beautiful and meaningful celebration. It began with  Holy
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Unexpected Easter Joy
Easter is always an occasion of joy at Mercy House. We always have the raining down of chocolate eggs from
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Amazing Miracle In Ivan’s Life
In our last update, we mentioned that two of our school boys had just written their matric, and that Ivan
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A New Beginning For Fleury
In our last update, we related our young Burundian Fleury’s sad history.  But the story did not end with those
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The Visit Of The American International School
On Tuesday, 26th April, six of our Mercy House scholars visited the American International School (AISJ) in Pretoria, which, as
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Get To Know Us: Meet Steven Wanyoike
We are happy to introduce our readers to our Kenyan co-worker, Steven Wanyoike. Diana met him at a retreat weekend
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New Hope For Esperance
In late July we were able to give Esperance new hope (which of course is the meaning of her name!). 
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We Are Also Helping Nadine
  Nadine works as a volunteer at the Catholic Refugee Office. She helps in giving out food and clothing to
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Welcome Paige
On Sunday, 1 September,  we were able to welcome three young Americans  to Mercy House. Paige Clark was accompanied by
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We Are Helping Someone Else As Well
Her name is Diana Comacho – see photo. Her parents fled from the Frelimo war in Mozambique. She was born
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