(from left to right) Marie Bernard, Dioscor and Ma B

The accompanying photo shows our Ma B, as we call her, in her garden, holding her hoe. She is accompanied by her son, Dioscor, and co-resident and gardener, Marie Bernard. Ma B came to us from Rwanda in late 2011 and was able the next year to bring her son down. We are proud to have been able to assist her, thanks of course to our benefactors, and to have been able to put her son into the excellent Dominican Convent School, where he will matriculate this year. Ma B is a very knowledgeable gardener and was able, with Marie Bernard, to acquire a plot of land, without charge, a plot near Mercy House. These 2 ladies grow all sorts of vegetables there which they use to feed the residents at Mercy House. These include beans, spinach and many other foods which people in Central Africa like to eat. Well done Ma B and Mari Bernard for your achievement which is really admirable…

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