We Got Brains…

Once again our Sudanese student has excelled himself. Apart from awarding Felix Top Student Award twice last year, the University of Johannesburg has now selected him to represent the university at a conference in the United States at the end of the year.  We say “Well done” to our boy and are very proud of him.  His example to others speaks louder than words: Commitment is always rewarded…

DIBABA was selected last year for a Richard Branson bursary, to study for one year at Stowe, a very good private school in the Uk. It was a wonderful experience for him, which he certainly merited and we are most grateful to Dominican Convent School for giving him this opportunity.

We Got Talent

Our Grade 10 Dominican Convent scholar, Zeng, received the honour of having his art work selected for the school’s art exhibition. Not only are his paintings outstanding but he also composed a brilliant animated cartoon. See below for a good laugh! 

Congratulations Zeng, also on achieving an A symbol for art.
We Got Love

Most important of all is the love that binds our Mercy community and on which the entire history of our house is built.  The following photos give some idea of this.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We Got Friends

A huge big thank you to Mick and Penny Finn and Judy McGregor in the UK, who held a luncheon on 3 August to raise money for Mercy House. Their efforts are greatly appreciated. If it were not for efforts of benefactors like this, we would struggle to survive.  May you be rewarded as you need it most.

We Got Visitors
On Tuesday 21 August, we had the blessing of a visit from  Father Lorenzo, Monica, Rosa and Samuel – all from Italy – being accompanied by Father Jeremiah, Provincial of the Comboni Missionaries..  
They are seen in the photos getting to know our family. Whilst they were visiting, an anonymous donor delivered a brand new bicycle for lucky Norbert. Bertraud helped him to assemble it while Father Lorenzo helped Moise to do a repair.   

We Got Snow…

On Tuesday the 7th of August it snowed in Johannesburg. For many this was a first time. It was cold but great fun and our home was transformed for a short while into a Winter Wonderland, as the pictures show. 

Upcoming Events

Monday 24 September is a public holiday and we invite all our friends who live nearby to join our annual picnic and marathon at Bez Park. We will gather there at 12.30pm. See you there!