Sister Fidelis (Left) and Tish (Right) at Mercy House

It is with immense regret and sadness that we announce the passing on of our beloved Tish Holding. Her death was so completely unexpected that everyone is simply reeling at this harsh reality.
Her ashes were interned on Saturday 24 September in the Maryvale Catholic Church Garden of
Tish Holding

Tish will be sorely missed…. She and her husband, Peter, have been an integral part of our Mercy work and we will not be able to fill the huge vacuum that is left behind. .We thank her husband, Peter, for the support both he and his lovely wife, have given to our Mercy work and are sure that
Tish will continue to work for us from her home in heaven, where we hope she will be even more effective for our mercy work than before. Her memory will live on – may she rest in peace and get the reward that her good life has certainly earned. We love you Tish – remain with us in spirit….

We are happy to announce that Sudanese orphan, Felix, received the award of TOP STUDENT OF THE YEAR at the University of Johannesburg.

Lovely photo of Felix getting his Top Student of the Year award. Our first doctor, Dr Emmanuel, who has just qualified as a heart and lung specialist, bought the suit for him,since he too is Sudanese and is also very proud of him!
Our Dibaba in the uniform of his new school in England, where he is on a year’s bursary..

Fabio graduated from the Central Johannesburg College with his N6 certificate in Civil Engineering, Bertraud passed his N2 and so our achievements continue, making our work well worthwhile inspite of difficulties we encounter on the way.. 
The picture of our little Kevin and others at the park, shows that we also

have fun relaxing when we can!
Little Kevin
At the Park
Tish in action on weekend
Youngest Enrique
having fun on weekend