Could we ask for anything better?!
Readers may know that we have over the 17 years of our existence had young volunteers from different parts of the globe: USA, Poland, England, Ireland, Germany and Italy to be exact.  Some of them loved us so much that they even returned, Elaine from Ireland did so as much as three times!!!
Kasia from Poland visits us whenever she can and now Anja is following suit. Her first stint with us was from August 2009 till April 2010.  

After that she went to finish her engineering degree at home in Germany, which she has now done.  

On 12 May this year she arrived back to stay with us and help us for another three month visit.  A huge welcome awaited her, as she is an enormous joy and blessing to our Mercy community, and loved by all. In the photo she is seen with our young Moise, from Rwanda.
We stand in awe before the kindness of God, who did not only allow us to find Shadadi’s mother after a search of 9 years, but he has now been accepted to study for a degree at Wits Medical School to qualify as a Clinical Medical Practitioner.  
What is more, he has had the very great good fortune and blessing of being able to get a bursary for the duration of his studies. His story certainly is a wonderful testimony to the power of prayer. Good luck Shadadi, and don’t forget to thank the ONE who has done marvels for you.
A Happy Easter 
The picture is of Tim and Diana Gordon-Grant, who provided Mercy House with the most delicious lunch  on Easter Sunday. Our thanks to them both for their tremendous support of Mercy work, not only of the Easter lunch… May you be rewarded in the ways that you need it most.

It is said that the lady of the house is the heart of the home. Well, Mercy House, does have a Lady. That is her name.  She does indeed come close to qualifying as the heart of the home!. 
LADY  is extremely loving, always wanting love and attention too. She gives a huge amount of joy to everyone at Mercy House. As such she is a most valuable member of our community and deserves this tribute here. 
Thank you, Lady, for being there for everyone and for all the love and joy you give to us.


On 15 May 2011 Peter Jackson Jansuk was baptised. 
His father, Wilson, came to Mercy House eleven years ago in a very distressed and hopeless state of mind.  Having been forced into child soldiery as child in his home country, Wilson had much to work through, but today he is a happily married and successful young man. He had the good fortune of having Father Simon Donnelly baptize his child. as the pictures show.  
We praise the Lord for his tremendous blessings on our Mercy work.