It is with great joy and pride that we announce that our John Kashindi,  who has lived at Mercy House for around 10 years, has just been elected head boy of his school. 
One of our co-workers, Ms Susan Turner, must be given credit for this wonderful achievement. 
She took John under her wing as soon as she came to work with us in the year 2001, and has guided and formed him personally, into a responsible, reliable, well-mannered young gentleman. 
John was placed with us by the JRS, the implementing organization of the UNHCR, as an orphan from DRC in 2001. He was around 7 or 8 years old at the time. 
This picture shows John in 2001 with Sister Fidelis, shortly after he had been placed at Mercy House by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.
He is currently specializing in catering and hopes to get work in that field when he finishes at the end of the year.
John we are so proud of you, but be proud of yourself too, as you deserve this honour, and Susan, take a bow!
Someone said that life is a progression of goodbyes! That does describe our situation somewhat at present. We had to say goodbye to Richard, then our German volunteer, Anja, then Father John, last year and the pattern has continued into 2011. We recently had to say goodbye to Festus, who moved out to get married. That was also a great loss. We are soon to say a final farewell to our beloved Sister Fidelis, but  even that is not all.  Our much-loved Emmanuel, formatter of our website, is to leave us in a few days to take up work in Durban. 
This is a great wrench for us, however , it is made much easier in the knowledge that he will becoming up every two weeks at weekends to be with his fiancée and us of course!Emmanuel has played a very big role in helping to set up the internet at Mercy House, in maintaining our computers, but also in being what he is: a warm, calm, level-headed and peaceful person. We are going to miss him very very much – fortunately his frequent return visits will soften the blow. Emmanuel Mercy House thanks you very sincerely for the invaluable part you have played in our work. Of course you will always remain part of our family and we will pray for your well-being and happiness and success in your new job. Congratulations.

Sunday 20 February : Fun Day at Schoenstatt where our boys will help in all ways needed.
Sunday 27 February : Farewell luncheon for Sister Fidelis at Mercy House
Sunday 9 April :          Wedding of Emmanuel and Natalie