Happy and sad….

On Sunday 23 Jan Tish and Peter Hoding gave a grand farewell lunch to thank our beloved Sister Fidelis for her 10 years of total dedication to our Mercy work. 
They extended an open invitation to all our Mercy House residents who were well represented and were most eloquent in their praise of her role at Mercy House. Though sad at this parting, there was an atmosphere of great love, joy and appreciation for her support and work. 

Mama Lucy’s children are seen in the picture holding the school shoes donated by Natasha Uberbacher of Braamfontein parish.  
May God reward all our benefactors in the ways that they need it most!
The pictures indicate just how much she is loved and also of course, she will remain part of our work and be remembered by all, always…


Finally and atlast it really did happen. The wedding of Mari Bernard and Festus took place on 15 January at the Bez Valley Catholic Church.  In the photo we see the bride and groom and Festus’ brother.  

It is with great regret that we have been informed that our beloved Sister Fidelis will be transferred  in February from Johannesburg to a retirement convent at Port Alfred. Her contribution to the life of Mercy House over the past 10 years has been absolutely invaluable.  She has been a rock of support to all and a good disciplinarian as well!  We shall miss her terribly and wish her well. We shall also keep in touch and hope to visit her. We plan to have a farewell luncheon for her at Mercy House, however the date has not yet been decided. Go well Sister Faithful!!

Mercy House Web Development Course

It is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge the contribution of those people who worked to set up our internet, in particular Mr Eales, Michael Holoding and Emmanuel Musa Mulamba. However, now that it is up and running another kind human being has stepped in and is giving a 3 month course on computer usage and website design in particular.

In the picture above we have David McCallum who has offered to teach Mercy House Residents Website Development.
This is what Dave had to say: Web development is something I really enjoy and I was delighted to find a bunch of people who are patient enough to sit down and listen to me for a couple of hours at a time. I am a Technical Architect/IT Consultant working for Accenture South Africa. My aim for the course is to introduce the guys to web development and, perhaps, introduce someone to a career that will give them much joy. We will look at both the technical side of web development and the business side, ie how to apply web development to business and how to make money as a web developer. You can follow our progress at our course website http://davemac.co.za/webdevcourse/.
We thank him very much.

Mercy House celebrations

Birthday Boy
On Wednesday 5 January we celebrated the 11th birthday of our much-loved boy Moise. He has now been with us for 2 years. We consider it a great privilege to have him with us and truly value his contribution to  the life and joy of our house.

May God bless our Moise.

Attending the birthday party
From left to right: Ms Rosemary Benjamin, Sister Fidelis, Ms Tish Holding and a visitor, Ruth, from New York.
Unexpected visitor
was TIGER, Jacinto’s puppy and  best friend, who also enjoyed the fun.

 Father Christmas at Sandton Johannesburg
Some of our residents had an enjoyable  pre-Christmas outing to see the Christmas decorations at Sandton. 
On the right are Festus and Mari-Bernard who will be married on January 15th.
Christmas 2010
Our Christmas celebration was once again a great success.

Thanks to the Rosebank Union Church, each individual received a gift from the Christ-Child, handed out by Father Christmas.