We are absolutely thrilled once again to pass on great news

It was  the end of May when  a young Angolan refugee came and asked if there was anyway we could help him and his girl friend, (both  orphans), to set up a hair salon in the then dirty and disused garage on the property where he lives. 

Both are very good at doing hair styles for their respective genders! It seemed like another mission impossible but  we remembered a gentleman  who had said that he was willing to help someone to set up a small business.  Abracadabra and it was done! Amazing, he was so magnanimous about it too, sending through  funding very specifically and only for this project. Getting it all done was quite nerve-wracking. The disused garage was such a mess when we first  started out : paint peeling everywhere, dirt and etc!   But we  managed and they opened their little business on 22 June! Today that garage is totally transformed, as the photos show,  and on day 1 there were even 2 small boys sitting waiting for haircuts!  

Our two young people are so thrilled. but we  are too, because once again, through the kindness of God  and the generosity of others, a dream has really come true for these 2 young people who have had very tough lives. This is the rope which God has let down for them so that they can support themselves and find a means of survival. “Glory to Him whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask for or imagine” St. Paul.


The picture shows Richard who has been AT Mercy House since 2004. Not only has he been a real gem as regards human relationships and community building, he has also been a house leader for some time. A person of real integrity, warmth and kindness, it is a very great loss to us but, at the same time, fantastic news for him. Two weeks ago he heard that a request for re-settlement made several years back and which he had almost forgotten, has come through. He heard that he will be resettled to Norway and there the Norwegian government gives refugees as warm welcome, a home, study opportunities and a lot more. Richard’s flight to a new world was scheduled for Saturday 19 June 2010, a very, very sudden departure. We were at least able to have a farewell party for him on Sunday 13 June and he is seen here with his parting gift in his hand. We wish Richard everything of the best in his new life and have no doubt at all that he will be a huge blessing to everyone, no matter where God chooses to place him in this world. We thank you for everything you have done for our community Richard and GO WELL.

Learning to help at an early age

It was a great effort for Mafuno to carry his little sister up the stairs but he managed all the same: great example for us all as to how to live….

Mercy House is proud to announce another kindness of God

The photos show two very happy reunions.
A husband and wife, who were separated when fleeing from their home country and were reunited through and at Mercy House this year in April,
Likewise, a lady who had to leave her child behind when she fled is seen here at the airport welcoming her little boy from whom she had been separated for nearly a year, due to having to leave her home country in haste.

“We are very proud of our former house leader, Eddie, who this mid-year completed his four-year degree in Electrical Engineering and in fact has just started his first job with the company that sponsored him.  He is seen in the picture with Moise, one of our youngest residents at Schoenstatt in Bedfordview.”
Mercy house was graced with a visit, on Sunday 6 June 2010, from a team of the art of living, an international movement which provides humanitarian aid to charities. They overwhelmed us with an enormous donation of food which is very welcome and also inspired our residents in sharing with them what they do to help others.