The Picture of all Pictures 2010

Our beloved Shadadi meeting his mother after a separation of 11 years, during which time he could not even remember what she looked like! 1 December 2009, the greatest day in Shadadi’s life, no doubt, and the surest proof that God is with us and working the most amazing miracles in our midst…
  The Picture of All Pictures 

Shadadi with his mother (Left) and grandmother (Right) just before they had to flee from the war 
when he got lost in 1998 
Shadadi when he came to us at Mercy House in 2001

 Diana’s Quick Interview

 Stefan’s Visit

The BA Pilot, Stefan arrived at Mercy house on Sunday 10th January afternoon.
Stefan has been a huge blessing. When he arrived he immediately started working. Repairing our electricity, our pool table. He checked our bicycles and fixed those which needed to be fixed and all old bicycles were replaced by new ones.

Monday 11th January School re-opened and Mercy House residents went back to school with the smile.
At Mercy House all residents use bicycles to go to School.


Diana taking a break from the hectic activity on the Sunday of B.A. pilot Stefan’s visit – with two of our Mercy House VIPs: Princess and Lady, who add so much love, warmth, joy, and  fun  to our community.