Dear Friends

We are surrounded by so much violence and evil that it is easy to become negative and despondent. Surely this must be the reason that Pope Francis, in May, published a letter to all believers. The title is: “Rejoice and be Glad” and the subject matter is: the Call to Holiness! What a contradiction to what we see and hear around us! The Church always has to answer the needs of the time. He makes the statement that a Christian’s Identity Document is none other than the Beatitudes! This is not burying our heads in the sand, it is not weakness, but requires tremendous strength to be a “sign of contradiction” and not just to go with the flow. It means humbly following our pebble path in life and, with great inner strength, doing the best we can everywhere for everyone. The poet Paul Claudel wrote in one of his creations: “Hope is a little girl who wakes up every morning and wishes us a good day!”

So, good day, and take joy in the privilege of building the kingdom!

Diana Beamish

Even On Radio Veritas!
Ivan was also one of 4 young people, all from different countries, who presented the Way of the Cross on
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Our Weekend At Maria Trost Mission
Two weeks before Easter we held our second Get-Away weekend of spiritual renewal at Maria Trost, Comboni Mission in Lydenburg.
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New Comboni Provincial Offers Holy Mass At Mercy House
On March 21st, we welcomed the new Comboni provincial, Father Jude Burgers, to Mercy House. He offered up Holy Mass
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Nozizwe Is Busy Educating Our Boys!
At the end of March, Nozizwe, one of our very active co-workers, took Zeng and Moise to an international weekend
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Happy 90th Birthday Sister Fidelis!
On 27th July this year our beloved Sister Fidelis celebrates her 90th birthday. Sister was a most devoted and faithful
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Saturday Extra Lessons Continue
We are continuing our Saturday morning extra lessons for any refugee scholars who need it.  It is becoming known and
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Congratulations To Zeng
We are proud of our excellent artist, Zeng, who has now completed his training in Multimedia and has even been
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Through the amazing support of a diocese in Germany, and loyal supporters in the USA and UK, we have been
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  On the 16th of December 2016, we celebrated 20 years of the existence of Mercy House. Bishop Sandri kindly
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It has been a real sorrow for us, that, for various reasons, since Father Jeremias left in October 2015, we
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