Many years ago, Alvin Toffler wrote a book entitled: “Future Shock”. He pointed out that, even then, technology was advancing so quickly that people were suffering from “future shock.” 30 or 40 years down the line this process is even more intense. Technology, even that small little cell phone, is taking over the world and turning it into a global village. It is overwhelming.

A wise man said that “the only thing that is permanent about life is change.” And, difficult though it may be, we have got to cope, be flexible and find meaning in all that happens. But there is one thing that is permanent about life, and that our relationship with God, the only stable focal axis of all that is, also of our lives. It is sometimes hard to believe, but our faith teaches us that “not even a sparrow falls to the ground without your Father knowing it!” We do not have all the answers, but we do have our faith. The more we immerse ourselves in our supernatural anchorage, the true roots of our being, the more inner peace and inner security we will have.

To quote an ad: “Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride! As you can read below: our Mercy work continues to be blessed and we are happy to be part of this work and journey.  God bless you for being part of it.


Diana Beamish

Do-It-Yourself Renovations
On the last weekend of April, we had 2 “We Love Mercy House” days. THE GARDEN AND DRIVEWAY WALLS WERE LOOKING
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Praying Together
After our New Year’s Mass in January we were privileged to have 2 more Masses in this half year, on the 21st March, and
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Support For Small Businesses
It was a great joy for us to be able to obtain from a donor some funding to assist two
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Weekend Get-Away Again
We are hoping to have another weekend get-away for spiritual enrichment and fun at the Comboni Mission, Maria Trost in
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The accompanying photo shows our Ma B, as we call her, in her garden, holding her hoe. She is accompanied by
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Education Project 2018
We were very blessed in late 2016 to receive money from Germany for education to support a large number of
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Farewell To Our Beloved And Most Treasured Princess
Princess was brought to us as a 4-week-old puppy by our Angolan orphan boy in 2004. See photo below. We
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Weddings Are Always Beautiful
Well, this does not happen often and especially for us at Mercy House. But it was a very great joy
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Generous Donations Of Christmas Gifts And Schooling Assistance
In late November we made an appeal in several church bulletins for help with Christmas gifts as well as schooling.
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Praying The New Year In
As we wanted a special blessing on our New Year at Mercy House, we asked Father Jude to celebrate Holy
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