A wise man once said that the only thing that is permanent about life is change! It often happens that God, through circumstances, takes the ground from under our feet, forging us on to new horizons.      This is even the case with this, our Mercy House website. Our previous designer, Emmanuel Mulamba will no longer continue to do it. We thank him for all the hard work he has put into creating something beautiful – fitting for Mercy House. And now we welcome Zeng Dieulv and Newton Toussaint as our new young website designers. We have known both for years, seen them through school and tertiary courses, so it is great, that they are now able to give something back to enrich our work.The year is passing quickly. We continue to forge ahead, “with our hand on the pulse of the time and our ear to the heart of God (Joseph Kentenich).” Despite much that discourages us, God can work wonders, if He finds instruments to carry out His work.  Our contribution seems like a drop in the ocean, however, enough drops can make an ocean! We continue to find traces of His presence in the unfolding our Mercy work, and are endlessly grateful for all the supporters and co-workers who help us. May you and our work continue to be blessed.

From 1994 to 2009
The Story of Mercy HouseFrom 1994 To 2009 Historical BackgroundAt the beginning of Lent 1992, Diana Beamish went to the
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